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Welcome to the home of Wavecraft. With this software you can create your own unique sounds and save them as high quality .wav files.

You can use it for making musical instruments for a DAW or to create sound effects.

The full version of Wavecraft can be downloaded and used without any costs. Great for schools or at home!


Peter Popma, creator of Wavecraft






Release date




Wavecraft Windows Installer 64-bits



26 may 2021

7 MB


Recommended download

Wavecraft Windows Installer 32-bits



26 may 2021

7 MB



** Note: you may receive a "this software cannot be trusted" notification.
That's because I didn't purchase a certificate to digitally sign this software. When downloading from, you can safely ignore it.


Additional files


Required frameworks

.NET Framework version 4.5

Tutorial videos

WaveCraft introduction
Creating instruments and a song
Advanced features



Edit how the frequency changes over time

Analyze the frequency spectrum of your sound




Generate sine waves from existing .wav sounds

Save your result as HQ .wav file



Frequently Asked Questions


How does Wavecraft create sounds

Wavecraft creates sound by combining data of sine waves. You can make any sound with sinewaves. Your computer translates them to vibration of your speakers.


Is Wavecraft also available as VST plugin?

No. I made at attempt to use VST.NET, but got stuck on converting the graphs library. If you want to have a go, the project is still in the source tree..


Why is Wavecraft only available for Windows?

Wavecraft currently relies heavily on Winforms. To make it available for MacOS or Linux would cost considerable effort at the moment.

Source code


The source code (visual studio project) can be cloned here:

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know or send a pull request.

The goal is to create an easy-to-use program for creating sounds and improving understanding of sound waves.



For feedback, questions, bug reporting and feature requests, you can contact me at the e-mail address below: