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Welcome to the home of Rainbow Sound Creator. With this VST plugin you can create your own unique sounds.

Rainbow Sound Creator is extremely easy to use and will get you some nice results in no time.

The full version of Rainbow Sound Creator can be downloaded and used without any costs.


Peter Popma, creator of Rainbow Sound Creator






Release date




Rainbow VST Windows Installer 64-bits 


29 december 2021

67.8 MB

Windows x64

contains both the VST2.4 plugin and standalone version

** Note: you may receive a "this software cannot be trusted" notification.
That's because I didn't purchase a certificate to digitally sign this software. When downloading from, you can safely ignore it.


Additional files


Required frameworks

.NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.13

Tutorial videos

installation + usage tutorial



Main interface of Rainbow VST

Choose from a wide range of sounds




Comprehensively edit the volume over time

Mix 2 sounds in various ways



Frequently Asked Questions


How does Rainbow create sounds

Rainbow creates sound by mixing 2 sounds in different ways. The base sounds are read in as PCM .wav files.


Is Rainbow freeware?

Yes. Although most VST plugins are expensive, the main purpose of Rainbow is to demonstrate how you can write your own VST plugin.


Why is Rainbow only available for Windows 64 bits?

Rainbow relies on the .NET platform. To make it available for MacOS or Linux would cost considerable effort at the moment.

Source code


The source code (Visual Studio 2022 solution) can be cloned here:

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know or send a pull request.

The goal is to create high quality VST synth.



For feedback, questions, bug reporting and feature requests, you can contact me at the e-mail address below: